Shilpa Mehta

Founder, Paradise School, Goa

Shilpa Mehta is the founder of Paradise School, Goa, in charge of the business, legal and financial structure of the school.

Shilpa is a former broadcast journalist for the BBC, Channel 4, and the Discovery Channel and is from London. She used to present Lonely Planet, as well as many other travel, history, and environmental documentaries – going all over the world to chase tornadoes, climb volcanoes, explore virgin rainforests.

After having a child, Shilpa moved to Goa with her young daughter and began her tropical adventures. Initially, they lived in South Goa where Shilpa set up various businesses, including her first Primary School in 2014. Then as her daughter grew, she moved to North Goa and set up Paradise School as an International SOLE Cambridge School in 2016.

She deeply believes in the educational potential of Goa and indeed for it to be one of the most groundbreaking states in India, given its wide-ranging appeal to people from India and all over the world who are seeking a new way of life.

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