Dharini Upadhyaya

Co – CEO and Co – Founder, Furtados School of Music

With over a decade of experience, Dharini commands considerable experience in the banking industry. Dharini was previously the Head of Investment & Premier Banking at Barclays Bank, before that she worked with ICICI Bank and DBS. Dharini’s love for music and education, led her to co-found Furtados School of Music with Tanuja Gomes.

She aspires to bring music education all over the country that will symbolize quality and consistency along with a rich curriculum where children can inherit a life of joy by learning music.

Under her guidance, FSM has curated the music curriculum in a way that lays down a strong foundation and at the same time understands the diverse needs of their students, allowing each one a lot of room to grow and experiment with their medium. Moreover, Dharini’s contribution in building FSM has helped garner numerous awards especially in “Pedagogy of Music Education”.

Today FSM is spreading the joy of music education to over 60,000 students across 200 schools and preschools in 14 cities.

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