Vinod Malhotra

Chairman, Academic Council, Saamarthya Teachers Training Academy of Research (STTAR), Ghaziabad

Mr. Vinod Malhotra, a Management Graduate from Leeds University, UK, and LLB from Faculty of Law, New Delhi, has varied experience in Administrative & Quasi-Judicial Roles. He has been with the Indian Administrative Services in the past. During the said time, he has had the opportunity to be directly involved in various aspects of industrial development and has been involved from grassroots to the highest level of policy formulation at the national and international levels.

He has immense experience in administration at the district, state, national and international level which covers a wide spectrum including negotiating international trade agreements, tax generation, and revenue adjudication. As an avid reader and follower of Bhagwat Gita, he has authored 14 books on subjects covering management, leadership, and soft skills.

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